Simulcast Wagering Offered In All New Casino

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The 20,000-square foot General Admission Room includes 90 big screen televisions – including 42 mounted on three starting gate replicas in the room’s center.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (October 5, 2016)—Wagering on simulcasts throughout California and the rest of the United States as well as South America and Australia is being offered daily at the all new Hollywood Park Casino.

Self service betting terminals and mutuel clerks are readily available in both the General Admission Room as well as the VIP Room.

Opened for business in early October, the over 20,000-square foot General Admission Room includes 90 big screen televisions – including 42 mounted on three starting gate replicas in the room’s center.  In addition there is a preffered player section with 28 individual sections equiped with TV monitors. An outdoor patio smoking area with seating for 55 includes another 11 big screen TV monitors. 

The GA Room, which offers seating for some 780 patrons, also has food and beverage concessions, including beer, wine and other liquor options. It opens daily at 10 a.m.

Admission is $6 during days when live racing is being conducted in Southern California plus night programs Friday-Sunday. Admission is free on local dark days.

The 5,000-square foot VIP Room has an admission price of $15 when live racing is offered in Southern California. It opens at 10 a.m., but is closed when there is no live racing locally.

Offering seating for over 185 people, the VIP Room has a premium food and beverage menu, including a full bar. There are 103 televisions, including 72 individual stations equipped with TV monitors.



Regular Hours:
General Admission Room Open Daily at 10:00 a.m.
Night programs Saturday and Sunday 
Turf Club VIP Room open during the Los Alamitos RC Meet at 10:00 a.m. 

General Admission:
$6 (Free when there is no southern California racing)
Turf Club VIP: $15

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